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If you maintain a number of feeds, each with several versions of your programs, how do you know that all the download links are still OK? Run FeedLint on your feeds from time-to-time to check.

Name FeedLint
Maintainer Thomas Leonard
License GNU General Public License
Run it Zero Install feed
SCM GIT repository

To use it, pass the URLs of the feeds to check as arguments, e.g.:

$ 0install add feedlint
$ feedlint http://my/feed.xml

You can pass multiple feeds as arguments and it will check all of them. For each feed, it will:

  • Download the feed and check it can be read by 0launch.
  • Check that all signatures are correct and by keys on your keyring.
  • Check that each signature's GPG key can be downloaded.
  • Check that the homepage and icon URLs work.
  • Get the size of each implementation archive and check that it matches the size in the feed.
  • Warn about releases marked as Testing which are more than one week old.
  • Recursively check any sub-feeds and dependencies listed in the feed (if run with -d)

Tip: to check all feeds in your domain (e.g.

$ 0launch --list | xargs feedlint

Sample output

Here we ask it to check Edit's feed (and it also checks ROX-Lib, on which Edit depends; note that this mode now requires the -d option to be used):

Running FeedLint on Edit