Zero Install

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Packaging guide

To make software available through 0install, you need to publish a signed "feed" XML file on your web page. This file lists the available versions and their dependencies and says how to run the program. There are lots of ways to create this XML file.

To see an example of the XML, go to any 0install program's feed in your browser (e.g. 0export) and View Page Source.

Before you start, have a look at Understanding 0install: important concepts to make sure you understand some key terms and ideas.

I want to...

... publish an XML file for an existing binary release
  • Read the binary packaging guide. This tutorial shows how to create an XML file describing the Blender 3D-animation application. The binary archive is published by the upstream authors and requires no modifications.
... publish XML for a source release
... create an XML file describing my own software
  • Read the 0release documentation, which shows how to add a local feed to your source repository. Users can use this to run your program from a Git checkout, and you can use it to generate new releases automatically.
  • Have a look at the template projects for examples in various programming languages (Python, Java, C).

Other useful documentation

Feed specification
The specification of the XML format.
An index of the tools provided by the 0install project for generating feeds.
Binary distribution with 0install
Blog article describing how to make packages using the 0template command-line tool.