Package zeroinstall :: Package injector :: Module distro :: Class WindowsDistribution
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Class WindowsDistribution

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  object --+    
Distribution --+

Instance Methods
get_package_info(self, package, factory)
Get information about the given package.
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Inherited from Distribution: fetch_candidates, fixup, get_feed, get_score, installed_fixup, packagekit

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Class Variables
str name = 'Windows'
the default value for Implementation.distro_name for our implementations
[str] system_paths = []
list of paths to search for binaries (we MUST NOT find 0install launchers, so only include directories where system packages install binaries - e.g.

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Method Details

get_package_info(self, package, factory)

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Get information about the given package. Add zero or more implementations using the factory (typically at most two will be added; the currently installed version and the latest available).

  • package - package name (e.g. "gimp")
  • factory - function for creating new DistributionImplementation objects from IDs
Overrides: Distribution.get_package_info
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