Zero Install

the antidote to app-stores


This section is for people developing 0install itself, or integrating it into their own systems (for example, if you want to use 0install to manage plugins for your application).

If you want to make programs available through 0install, see the packaging guide instead.

Get involved
Suggestions on how to join the project.
Using Git
How to get the very latest developer versions using Git.
A more detailed description of the design of Zero Install.
The web-site
How to make changes to the web-site.

The Python API

The 0launch/0install command-line interface to Zero Install is sufficient for most purposes. However, sometimes you may want to use the Python library interface. This is used by programs such as 0compile and 0publish, and is also a useful reference for people wanting to modify 0install itself.

How to use 0install's functions from other programs via JSON.
Python API
The reference documentation, generated automatically from the source code.
Using the API
A simple example showing how to get started with the Python API.

Other guides

Zero Install provides a .NET API that can be used to embed Zero Install functionality in your own applications.
Using Zero-Install as a Plugin Manager
A blog post showing how 0install can be used to manage plugins for your application.