Zero Install

the antidote to app-stores


This section is for people distributing software using Zero Install.

Packaging guide
This guide takes you through the steps involved in making a package available through Zero Install. You will need to be able to upload (static) files to a web-server.
Sample code packages which you can use as templates when creating a new program that will be distributed using 0install, or as examples for your own programs.
There are many tools available to make packaging easier.

Off-site documentation

Packaging .NET libraries
This tutorial explains how to create feeds for a .NET application with a dependency on a .NET library using the Publishing Tools.
Compiling with SCons and GTK

Article showing how to use Zero Install in your build scripts to download the SCons build system and use it to compile your program.

Easy GTK binary compatibility

This blog article shows how to use Zero Install to compile your program against older versions of library headers than are the default on your system. Binaries created this way work on a wider range of systems (all systems with a GTK version newer than the headers). Also, since they download the required headers automatically, users don't need to have the headers already on their system in order to compile your program.

The binaries produced this way do not depend on Zero Install, so you can use Zero Install as part of your build process even if you don't distribute the resulting binaries that way.