Zero Install

the antidote to app-stores

Using Apps

Apps (introduced in 0install 1.9) work a bit like aliases, e.g.

$ 0install add rox
$ rox --version
ROX-Filer 2.11

The main difference is that apps store their current selections (in ~/.config/ in this case). This means that they start faster, because the solver isn't needed:

$ 0alias rox-alias
$ 0install add rox-app

$ time rox-alias --version > /dev/null
rox-alias --version > /dev/null  0.12s user 0.02s system 91% cpu 0.144 total

$ time rox-app --version > /dev/null
rox-app --version > /dev/null  0.06s user 0.02s system 92% cpu 0.082 total

When run, they still trigger a background update if they haven't been updated for a while, and you can also update them manually:

$ 0install update rox
No updates found. Continuing with version 2.11.

They also remember any restrictions (e.g. --before).

Each app also stores past selections (max one set per day) so if an update goes wrong you can see what changed and roll-back easily:

$ 0install whatchanged 0publish
Last checked    : Wed Jun 27 20:24:19 2012
Last update     : 2012-06-27
Previous update : 2012-06-16 1.8-post -> 1.9-post new -> 1.4.12-4

To run using the previous selections, use:
0install run /home/tal/.config/

Starting with 0install 1.14, 0alias is deprecated, and trying to add an alias will add an app instead.

Planned features

  • Allow multiple shell commands for an app.
  • Switch desktop integration over to using apps.