A decentralised cross-platform software installation system.

Works on Linux, Windows and macOS. Fully open source.

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Run apps with a single click
Run applications without having to install them first.
Control everything from a command-line or graphical interface.
You control your own computer
You don't have to guess what happens during installation.
Mix and match stable and experimental apps on a single system.
Anyone can distribute software
Create one package that works on multiple platforms.
Publish on any static web host; no central point of control.
With dependency handling and automatic updates.
Security is central
Installing an app doesn't grant it administrator access.
Digital signatures are always checked before new software is run.
Apps can share libraries without having to trust each other.
Jun 2023
Zero Install for Windows 2.25.0 released. Support for sharing downloaded implementations in local network.
May 2023
Zero Install for Windows 2.24.8 and 2.24.10 released. Contains various bugfixes.
Apr 2023
Zero Install for Windows 2.24.7 released. Support for HTTP connection reuse and GZip-compression.
Mar 2023
Zero Install for Windows 2.24.6 released. Implicitly try --fresh when --version would otherwise lead to no results
Jan 2023
Zero Install for Windows 2.24.4 released. Contains various bugfixes.