Mailing lists

The project has a single mailing list, which can be used for bug reports, suggestions, questions, etc.

Note: You cannot post without subscribing, due to the large amount of spam we were getting.

Bug tracker

Bugs can also be filed on the bug tracker:


For code contributions, please open a pull request on GitHub:


If possible, please send questions and comments to the mailing list, so that other people see them and they appear in the searchable archives. It's also more likely that you'll get a reply if more people see your question. Messages sent directly to maintainers may be ignored or forwarded to the mailing list first unless you specifically ask them not to do this.

Reports of security bugs should be emailed directly to the maintainer of the relevant component. This is probably the last person to announce a release of it on the mailing list. You can also check the component's Git log to get the email address to use if you're not sure.